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Why we developed iOL Pay

We created a hotel marketplace (iWTX) in 2000 realising the need to connect the tourism ecosystem players. iWTX is serving 23,000 hotels today.

With over 20 years of serving the automation needs of the travel sector, we have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the industry pain points, inefficiencies and challenges. The lack of global and local automated solutions has created decentralisation of processes and systems, resulting in multiple payments systems, acquirers and service providers. Hotel bookings, payments and revenue management are largely manual processes which result in increased costs, poor cashflow, loss of revenue and errors. These fragmented manual processes create inconsistencies without providing a holistic financial overview or management information regarding the booking process.

In 2020 we created iOL Pay's Booking & In-stay Optimisation Software (BIOS) to transform the booking and revenue management processes within the industry to create multiple efficiencies, maximise revenues and cashflow whilst creating an exceptional guest experience.

iOL Pay’s BIOS is unique as it is fully integrated into the PMS / CRS of the hotels, can drive full automation of the booking, payment and revenue management processes and provides a holistic system for hotels to manage these processes both at a group and individual property level.

iOL Pay can be implemented globally, regionally or at a country level. The flexibility of our implementation capabilities is key for international hotel chains and national hotel brands as it provides a unique single solution for their business, making their global booking, payments and revenue management processes fully automated, simplified and more efficient.

iOL Pay's Mission

Revolutionise the Hospitality industry and transform the guest experience.

Working with globally recognised partners, iOL Pay's Booking & In-stay Optimisation Software (BIOS) provides innovative solutions to the hospitality sector.

iOL Pay’s BIOS software replaces disparate, localised processes that exist within the industry to provide a single platform for hotels to:
  • Automate

    iOL Pay automates the revenue and payments management process using a software solution that is fully integrated into their property management systems.

  • Optimise Cashflow & Maximise revenues

    By using our software algorithms, BIOS optimises cashflow and maximises hotel revenues by collecting booking revenue in a precise and efficient manner in line with hotel cancellation policies.

  • Achieve consistency

    BIOS takes a hotel's booking from multiple sales channels and consolidates them onto one platform. Using a single platform for all properties within a group creates consistent booking, revenue and payment management processes across a business, thereby creating meaningful financial management information and aiding effective business management.

  • Reduce Operational Costs

    BIOS significantly reduces operational costs by cutting the cost of manual processing and errors, whilst removing the costs of having multiple local relationships which currently govern the revenue and payments collection process.

  • Improve Customer experience

    BIOS' check in and check out software seeks to uberize the guest experience, by providing a simplified check in and check out experience for hotel guests. In addition, our software’s ability to allow the customer to use a very large selection of alternative payment methods make the customer experience easier whilst also increasing revenues for the hotel.

  • Ensure PCI Compliance

    iOL Pay has been accredited as being PCI Compliant. Using BOS takes away the cost and operational concerns hotels currently face in ensuring that they are PCI compliant.

250+ Payment Methods

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As secure as it gets.

PCI DSS Level 1 compliant

PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant

SSAE18/SOC 1 type 1 and type 2 and SSAE18/SOC 2 type 1 and type 2 reports

AES Encryption

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